Does it looks exactly like pictures?

- Yes it does! Almost like a denim look.


Can the baby be in the back?

It's better on the front.


Is this product good for small waists and newborns?

- Our baby carrier is good for small waists and newborns.


Can I nurse in the carrier?

Many mamas successfully nurse while using the Carrier.


Is it safe?

- It’s important to familiarize yourself with what the baby-wearing community calls T.I.C.K.S.:

  • T: Tight. Baby should be upright and tight enough in a carrier that they’re held safely against whoever is wearing them. This helps prevent accidental falls.
  • I: In view at all times. Baby’s face should be visible to you so you can monitor their breathing. You can also keep a better eye on your baby’s mood if you can see them.
  • C: Close enough to kiss. Can you lower your head and kiss the top of your baby’s head? If not, you should reposition them in the carrier until they’re high enough to kiss with little effort.
  • K: Keep chin off chest. Look at your baby to ensure there’s a gap of about two fingers wide under their chin. If they’re in a good upright position with their spine curved and legs squatting, it’s less likely that their chin will drop.
  • S: Supported back. While you want your baby to be secure, resist over-tightening the carrier over their back. You should have your carrier tight enough that there’s no gap between your baby and your body, but loose enough that you can slide your hand into the carrier.